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Astrology Knowing from Kundli: Yoga for becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA)

Know from your Kundli: Yoga to become a Chartered Accountant (CA).

There are many formulas given in our scriptures for astrological analysis to find out if one has the Yoga to become a Chartered Accountant.
Some of the main formulas are as follows.
The planets and houses should be strong.
Planets: Relation to the second, fifth and eleventh houses.
D9, D10 should also be seen in the chart.

How to make predictions?

Success Yoga.

Planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Rahu.
House : Second, sixth, tenth, twelfth and fifth, fourth, eleventh, seventh,
Mercury: intellect, factor of commerce, accounts or accounting.
Lords of the houses in the horoscope : Lagnesh , Dashmesh, Panchmesh, Bhagyesh, Labesh, Dhanesh:
Guru: Factor of knowledge, Guru wealth and advice
Mars: The factor of courage and competition
Second house: meaning and wealth.
Sixth House: Competition, Law.
Tenth house: Karma place,
Twelfth house: Tax and revenue.
Fourth, fifth house: education: advice.
Sixth and 12th house: Taxes and audits.
The effect of Saturn is also considered good on the fifth house/fifth lord.
Panchmesh: be in the fifth, fourth, eleventh, second, seventh house.
Jupiter: Be in fifth, fourth, seventh, tenth, second house.
Panchmesh, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu should also be strong.
There should be mutual relation of Mercury and Rahu, relation to the fifth and fifth lord.
Ascendant: The fifth house, the fifth lord, also makes a relation with the fifth, or ascendant.
Panchmesh Strong: Relationship should be with Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu and Lagnesh.
Planets: Relation to the second, fifth and eleventh houses.

The planet which is in its exalted, its own or its friend’s sign – will be auspicious.
On the contrary, a planet in a debilitated sign or in the sign of its enemy will give inauspicious results.
The planet which casts its gaze on its zodiac, it gives auspicious results.
The owner of the triangle always gives auspicious results.
Owners of malefic houses (3, 6, 11) always give inauspicious results.
Planets in malefic places (6, 8, 12) give inauspicious results.
Auspicious planets give auspicious results in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10), malefic planets give inauspicious results in Kendra.
The planets with which Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are present, give the same results.
Planets set near the Sun and give inauspicious results.

Success Yoga:
The first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh house of the horoscope and the lord of these houses gives success to the native in his dasha and antardasha. Sun. Moon and Jupiter: Makes high officials. The meaning of the second, sixth and tenth house – the primacy of the triangle Sun

If the Guru is situated in the center, the position of a high official is attained.

Yoga of Obstacles: If the house is corrupt then it gives inauspicious results. If the weak and weak malefic planets are set, enemy-debilitated zodiac signs are situated in 6,8 12th house from the ascendant, then there is a hindrance in work . Weak, afflicted, debilitated, set, sinful, in the 6th, 8th, 12th house in the Ascendant forces, there is also an obstacle. D-10 (Chart) should also be calculated in the Kundli .

The Bhava, Bhavesh and Bhava Karak which are in a good position in the Ascendant Kundli, will get good results in the life of that house and those Bhava, Bhavesh and Bhava Karak are in inauspicious position, they will not get their results. Knowing the obstructing planets, do their remedy.

Through charity, chanting of mantras, gems, etc.

Remedy: – Water should be offered to the Sun in the morning with a copper vessel . Have darshan of Hanuman ji. The birds should be fed millet. If possible, feed the birds by mixing seven types of grains together. Can be wheat, jowar, maize, bajra, rice, pulses etc. Do this remedy early in the morning. Feed flour and jaggery to the cow. Therefore, one should keep taking blessings of elders. Keep Hanuman ji picture and worship him. Go and recite Bajrang Baan every Tuesday. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. While taking bath in the morning, mix some ground turmeric in water and take bath.

Keep or place such a picture or idol of Lord Ganesh in the house, in which his trunk is turned to the right. Worship Lord Ganesha.

On Saturday, after worshiping Shani Dev, chant the following mantra 108 times.

“Om Shanaishcharaya Namah”

Remedies for the Sun:

Stotra 3 times in front of the Sun
– Chant Om Hritish Surya Namah at least 108 times
– Chant Gayatri
– If light comes from the east side of the house, it is good Will be
– Must plant a Tulsi plant in the house.
Note: Show your horoscope to good astrologer to find out if you have the Yoga to become a successful Chartered Accountant.

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Astrology Knowing from Kundli Yoga for becoming a Chartered Accountant CA
Astrology Knowing from Kundli Yoga for becoming a Chartered Accountant CA