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Who can Wear Navagraha Gemstones Yellow Sapphire and Diamond and Benefits

Who can Wear Navagraha Gemstones Yellow Sapphire and Diamond and Benefits

The Navagrahas have amazing powers, due to which they have been given the same respect as the gods. Like medicine, it is capable of relieving people from pain. They have the ability to make weak planets strong, due to which the zodiac gems are also effective in making the impossible possible. Gemstones are used for the peace of the planets. Many remedies are mentioned in astrology for the peace of any planet. In which emphasis is laid on the use of mantras, yantras etc.

Venus and Jupiter get an important place among the planets. These are auspicious planets, but when these planets are weak in the horoscope, then the auspiciousness of the planet can be increased by using gems in this situation. Come let us know which gems can be worn for Jupiter and Venus and how they become auspicious for us.

How to wear Jupiter (Guru) Gemstone
Topaz is used for Jupiter and gems like Yellow Barrage, Golden, Yellow Citrine are used in the Upratnas. If Jupiter is weak in the birth chart, then wearing topaz in this situation gives strength to the guru. Due to the auspicious effect of Guru, the person gets a sense of right and wrong in life. By strengthening his knowledge, the person gets a respectable place in the society.

By wearing topaz, its use increases the social circle of a person, he gets affection and cooperation among people. With its use, a person is able to see a better attitude in the field of education and in economic condition. You get the support of your people in life. Topaz also shows its positive results in married life. The person also gets happiness from the side of the child. If the influence of Jupiter is weak in one’s horoscope when it is in favor of the child, then wearing topaz increases the chances of getting the happiness of the child. It inspires the person’s intellect to walk on the right path.

Astrological Characteristics of Yellow Sapphire
Topaz, the gemstone of the planet Jupiter, has a yellow aura. It is also dark yellow, light yellow and white. Solid, smooth, shiny, blemish-free topaz is best to touch. By keeping it overnight in milk, the original topaz does not deteriorate nor does its color fade. Before wearing topaz, it should be thoroughly examined that the gemstone is free from defects.

Astrological Benefits of wearing Yellow Sapphire
Wearing topaz is beneficial for the person in whose horoscope Jupiter is debilitated or weak. Topaz is a symbol of spirituality, truthfulness, ductility and alertness. It is considered a lucky gem for lovers. This stone is also beneficial for mental peace and spiritual peace.

Wearing this stone provides relief from speech defects and sore throat. In ancient Greece, it was believed to have been bestowed by the god Apollo, which was used for the treatment of many diseases. According to astrological beliefs, if the girl who is facing obstacles repeatedly in her marriage wears topaz, then the element of obstacles in the marriage ends and the marriage takes place soon.

How to wear Venus Lucky Stone Diamond
Diamond is the main gem for Venus and Zarkan and Opal can also be worn as Uparatna.

Due to their influence, the situation can be very positive for the natives.

The way with which gems are used, they also give fruit in the same way. In this context, when we are advised to wear a gemstone related to the planet Venus, then it is also necessary to use the gems of this planet regularly. Whether we wear diamond in this gem or Zarkan, Opal etc., in that case we have to follow the rules.

While wearing the gemstone, keep in mind that the Shukla Paksha should be selected. Shukla Paksha is said to be auspicious time. Whatever gem you wear, purify that gem with Panchamrit, show incense-lamp, then chant the mantra of the planet related to the gem 108 times. To wear the gemstone of Venus, the mantra of “Om Shum Shukray Namah” should be chanted.

Astrological Characteristics of Diamond
Diamond is the hardest gem in the world. It cannot be scratched by any other gemstone. The harder and brighter the diamond, the better it is considered. It is mainly white, yellow, red, pink and black. According to the beliefs, women who wish to have children should not wear diamonds. Astrology does not accept this belief. According to the rules of astrology, a woman who wears a triangle diamond gets a son.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Diamond
Diamond is the gem of Venus. If Libra and Taurus people wear this gem, then their Venus is strong, as a result they get benefits in all the areas related to Venus. Those whose Venus is weak or weak in their horoscope also get benefit by wearing diamond. The specialty of diamond is that the person wearing it is courageous, intelligent and enthusiastic. Diamond is beneficial in many types of mental diseases.

If Venus is weak in the horoscope of the native, then it can also cause problems related to children. In such a situation, wearing the diamond of Venus gives strength to Venus and it is also helpful in providing children.

It is also capable of cutting poison. There is no effect of witchcraft on the wearer of the diamond. According to the color, diamond has different effect like red and yellow diamond is beneficial for the people related to politics and administration. White diamond is best for people associated with social, religious and spiritual fields.

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Who can Wear Navagraha Gemstones Yellow Sapphire and Diamond and Benefits
Who can Wear Navagraha Gemstones Yellow Sapphire and Diamond and Benefits