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Easy Ways to Test the Originality of Gemstones and Lucky Stones

How to Test the Originality of Gemstones and Lucky Stones

Generally, it is a very difficult task for a common person to properly test the gems. This difficult task can be simplified by following general guidelines for testing gems. Still, by doing some experiments on gems, we can differentiate between real and fake (Differentiation between real and fake Gemstone).

Some gems are recognized in the light of electricity. So some cannot be detected in artificial light. Along with general experiments, the help of chemistry (analysis of real and fake gemstones through chemistry lab) can also be taken to distinguish between real and fake. In general, the following are the ways to differentiate between real or fake gems.

Air Bubbles in the Fake Gemstones

Fake gems have very small air bubbles. (real gemstones does not contain air bubbles) These bubbles are not normally found in real gemstones. These bubbles can be round and crooked in shape. When gems are seen in the light. So these bubbles inside them are normally visible. On the basis of this quality, a distinction can be made between the two.

Ruby, Sapphire, Pukhraj. These gemstones are lighter in weight than real gemstones when they are fake (fake Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire are less in weight than real gemstones). Fake gemstones float in the Bramoforma and real place on the bottom when they are tested in the alchemy. And the real gems sit in the foothills.

Genuine ruby ​​or sapphire gems have a silky soft effect. This effect is not found in fake.

When the line comes in the real gemstone, it is not shiny and does not have any crookedness (brightness in the real and fake gemstones). On the contrary she is always there. Whereas imitation gems can have shiny, crooked.

Gives coolness to the eyes on seeing the real ruby. Whereas on seeing the fake ruby, the eyes feel the heat.

(Examine real and fake Coral) When hydrochloric acid is applied on real coral, foam appears on it. But on putting this chemical on fake coral, no such foam comes. In this way, this experiment is helpful in distinguishing between real coral and fake coral.

In the gems market, the color of some gems is fake. The color system is used for these types of gems. This can be tested by pouring alcohol or spirit on all such gemstones (analysis of gemstone by spirit and alcohol). In this test, if the gem is fake, then the color of the gem gets blown off when this chemical is added. In this way the difference between real and fake becomes clear.

Artificial colors of electricity are used to see the inner parts of the gems. For example, when a ray is cast on amber gems, they appear transparent (transparency in gemstones). When the real ruby ​​is seen in these lightning colors. So its color looks like black. Whereas the fake ruby ​​looks like embers in these colors.

Other ways to test Real Gemstones

Assessment of Real Ruby

When a real ruby ​​is placed in raw cow’s milk, the milk appears pink in colour. While the fake ruby ​​will not be visible of this color.

Keeping the original ruby ​​in the silver plate and looking at it in the sunlight, the silver plate appeared red in color (place Ruby in the silver plate and keep it in the sun light).

The glass vessel also appears red when a ruby ​​stone is kept in a glass vessel.

When the real ruby ​​is placed on the lotus bud. So the bud is pulled under the influence of ruby ​​(real Ruby can blossom a lotus flower).

Inspection of Real and Fake Pearl

A pearl is placed in a glass glass by pouring water into it. If the rays are coming out of this water, then the pearl is considered real.

Cow urine is put in an earthen pot and pearls are kept in it. The pearl is kept overnight in this vessel. Pearl is seen in the morning. If there is no effect of this remedy on the pearl and if the pearl is unbroken, then the pearl is considered real.

The pearl is rubbed vigorously with the straw of the grain. When a pearl is fake, it gets crushed. If there is no effect on the pearl, then this pearl is real (analysis of real Pearl through wheat fodder).

Under this remedy, pearls are kept in pure ghee for some time. If the pearl is genuine then there are chances of ghee melting (real pearl can melt the Ghee).

Assessment of Coral

When real coral is kept in milk, a red light comes out.

When real coral is placed in the sun on paper or on cotton. So fire is generated in it.

When real coral is kept in blood. So there are chances of blood clotting.

Analysis of Emerald

When the emerald is kept in a glass full of water, green rays are seen coming out of the emerald when it is real.

When the emerald is tied in a clean cloth and kept hanging at a height. So when the cloth appears green, the emerald is real (Emeral can change the white color cloth into green color).

Feels light when the original pages are held in hand.

Topaz (Yellow Sapphire)

Keeping topaz on a white cloth and keeping it in the sun, it will appear yellow if it is real topaz.

Even after keeping topaz in milk for 24 hours, if the shine of topaz remains, then topaz should be considered real.

On the bite of a snake or poisonous animal, the venom is reduced by applying real topaz on the bitten area (rel Yellow Sapphire can reduce poison of the snake or any poisonous animal from body).

Test of the real Diamond

When diamond is kept in hot milk. If the milk cools down soon after keeping the diamond, then the diamond should be considered real.

If the real diamond is kept in hot molten ghee, if the ghee cools down after some time, then the person should consider this diamond as real.

If the colors of the rainbow are visible from the diamond when the diamond is kept in the sun, then the diamond should be considered real.

After wearing the diamond, there are possibilities of attracting the opposite linga soon.

Test of Real and Fake Blue Sapphire

When the real sapphire is kept in the sun. Bright rays start coming out of it.

When sapphire is kept in glass. So blue rays emerge from it.

Similarly when real sapphire is kept in milk. So the color of milk appears blue.

Onyx (Agate)

If onyx is kept in cow urine, the color of the urine starts changing.

If the onyx is rubbed in a wooden straw, if there is no effect on the brightness of the onyx, then the onyx should be considered real.

Cat’s Eye

Scrubbing the garlic with a white cloth increases the brightness of the garlic. So it should be considered real.

When Lahsuniya is kept in a dark place. So a ray of light appears from him.

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Easy Ways to Test the Originality of Gemstones and Lucky Stones
Easy Ways to Test the Originality of Gemstones and Lucky Stones