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Important lessons to learn from Mahabharata for better life

Many scriptures have been described in Hinduism. Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. are all pillars of our Hindu religion. All of them, by operating our religion, provide many teachings to the people. In the midst of this, people get many inspirations from the remembrance of Mahabharata composed by Ved Vyas ji, which are as follows.

These teachings come from Mahabharata

Life should be full of strategy

To complete any task, we first need an efficient strategy and plan. The person who tries to do the tasks in his life as a basis of strategy, he definitely gets success. But the person who tries to work without planning, he always has to face a lot of struggle in his life.

Just as the Kauravas had 24 Akshauhini Narayani army in the Mahabharata war, on the other hand, Kunti’s sons had only by Lord Krishna<br />
It was an efficient policy made on the basis of which the Pandavas won the great war of Mahabharata.

Consistency to make life

Just as if one apple in the basket is bad, it spoils all the apples, similarly if our company is bad or we sit with the wrong friends, then we follow the wrong path with them and commit misdeeds. take the route.

Just as in the Mahabharata, on the one hand, the Kauravas had the misadventures of Shakuni Mama, so that only the intellect of the front would be corrupted, on the other hand the Pandavas had the compatibility of a skilled strategist like Shri Krishna. For this reason the Pandavas&nbsp; He always considered the path of religion as his destination. On the contrary, the Kauravas continued to get confused in their maternal uncle’s policies.

Imperfect knowledge is harmful for life

Incomplete knowledge of any person, thing, education etc. appears to be harmful for life. When you are in any trouble, then you just try to get out of it, but at that time you have incomplete knowledge of it, then instead of getting out of that trouble, sometimes you get stuck in it worse due to which You may have to face adverse effects on the contrary.

Just as Abhimanyu, in his mother’s womb, had heard the way to break the Chakravyuha told by his father in the Mahabharata, but due to the mother’s sleep, he could not know the way out of the Chakravyuha told by his father. Because he had to face his death in the war of Mahabharata.

Important lessons to learn from Mahabharata for better life

We should have the right judgment of all the people standing with us, our companions and friends. Which person, partner and friend thinks about us, what about us gets jealous or feels bad, if we do not know, then it can seem fatal to us.

Just as there were many great warriors in Mahabharata who were physically on some other side and mentally in some other side. Ganga’s son Bhishma, Guru Dronacharya and Mahatma Vidur, all of them were supporting the Pandavas despite being on the side of the Kauravas. Similarly, Yuyutsu and Maharaja Shalya also left their side and adopted the other side, considering it to be a blot of betrayal.

The blow of words is more lethal than the blow of a sword

It is said that one who does not die by the edge of the sword, is sitting on the death bed by the blows of some words. Similarly, the sword only hurts the human physically, but by directly touching our mentality, someone’s abuses harass us internally and physically, due to which we do not remain in this place even though we are in this place.

Just as in the Mahabharata, if Draupadi, the Ardhangini of the Pandavas, had not used slanderous words for Duryodhana, then perhaps a huge and great war like Mahabharata would not have taken birth, similarly, in the entire Mahabharata era, Shakuni Mama only used her sharp and bad words. He lived only by experimenting, due to which he too had to pay the burden of his misdeeds with his death.

Stay away from misdeeds in life

One should stay away from all kinds of misdeeds in life, such as gambling, speculation, drinking etc.&nbsp; Stay away from all these bad habits or else you will have to face many difficulties in life. They also affect the honor, prestige and fame of life. These actions will bring you straight down from the climax of success&nbsp; do the work of.

Just as in the Mahabharata, Mama Shakuni defeated the sons of Pandu in the game of Chaucer and snatched their entire kingdom from them and they had to accept 13 years of exile and 1 year of exile as a gift, and in that game of Chaucer, Pandu The sons shamed the ancestors by putting the prestige earned by their ancestors at stake in the form of their wife Draupadi, due to which they had to live in the separation of their honor, prestige, home, state, that is, everyone.

Success is attained through the path of truth

In the war of Mahabharata, on the one hand Dharma and Truth were dominant in favor of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, the worshiper of Dharma, on the other hand, in the army of Kauravas along with all the great warriors, unrighteousness prevailed. That is why Lord Shri Krishna by giving his Narayani army to the Kauravas, by supporting the Pandavas under truth and dharma, helped them in achieving victory.

Struggle or fight is the last way out of all obstacles

Life is a festival, it should be celebrated, struggle like this Should not be cut. All the obstacles in life should be faced with laughter, not to get confused with them. But if there is no way to solve that obstacle, then we should make every effort to fight against that obstacle.

Just as in the Mahabharata, Pandu’s son did not want to destroy his own kingdom by fighting with his brother Kauravas, but Shri Krishna had explained this very well to him that we are all just instruments. To fight, not to fight, all this is decided by God, so you should not take up arms and think who is standing in front of us. We should do our work keeping only the truth above all else.

Exchange yourself according to the situation, otherwise this society will exchange you

The way Karna’s generosity, the nature of charity was taken advantage of by the entire creation. He knew that in this war&nbsp; There is no warrior who can defeat him, as long as he is seated on the armor and the coil on his body, but because of his nature, he donated them to the god Indra. Therefore, we should make ourselves cruel and kind according to the situation, due to which no one can take advantage of our nature. &nbsp;

The foundation of education rests on the pillar of emotion

Suryaputra Karna was undoubtedly a mighty great warrior but Angraj Karna&nbsp; Considering his education to be strong, he always used it to avenge his humiliation and disdain from the society, so the respect and prestige that he should have got, he did not get it throughout his life. That is why it is not important to complete every task in our life, but what is your feeling behind it, at the same time it is the basis of our actions in our life.

Respect and respect are fundamental to the relations of friends

In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas got the association of Lord Krishna in the form of friendship. In this way, Karna, the great leader of the Kauravas, finally supported his friend Duryodhana. The Pandavas obeyed Lord Krishna out of respect for him, but Duryodhana tried to win the huge war on his basis by getting his friend Karna as a strong warrior. Therefore, if Duryodhana had listened carefully to Karna’s words in battle, he would not have had to face his death in the war.

Control emotions in life

Maharaj Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur was blind since birth, but he was also blind in the attachment of his 100 sons. He was so absorbed in his son’s attachment that he had forgotten the distinction of religion and adharma in his life. It can be said that emotions make a human weak internally, due to which he forgets to differentiate between religion and unrighteousness, good and bad. His decision power becomes zero.

In life for education, passion has more importance

From Angraj Karna and Eklavya, we get inspiration for passion for education in life. He is counted in the category of great archers without a guru. The only reason for this was his passion and dedication towards education.

Karma should have priority in life

Between life and death, only the link of karma exists, so we should never leave our future with the help of God. We should make full use of our day and do deeds with the help of which we can make our future strong. &nbsp;

Excess of Shathadosha is the reason for the end of human

Any person who indulges in the qualities of ego, pride, malice, laziness, pride, jealousy, etc., ultimately gets failure. In Mahabharata, when Pandavas had more wealth and their wife Draupadi was also beautiful like Apsara, due to this pride, they had to spend their life in exile for 13 years and 1 year in exile. That’s why time is the best and the most powerful.

Human life should be beyond attachment to property and things

There should never be attachment and attachment to any object, property etc. in life, because whatever earth is on this earth, it will remain on this earth like this.&nbsp; We came to this earth empty handed and will leave empty handed. So what kind of attachment can one have with any object or property in the life given by God. Man should have attachment only in God, then only his life has value, otherwise everything is in vain.

Realization of your knowledge and its best implementation

It is not only important to acquire the knowledge given by the teachers, but how you have implemented that education, it is important. Generally&nbsp; Today everyone has education in every field, but all of them are not able to implement their education because somewhere they are not able to speak their thoughts openly and they cannot explain what they want to explain. This action is possible only when you realize your acquired knowledge, contemplate and contemplate, how to use it in the right direction, you will do everything possible.

There must be fear of punishment as a result of misdeeds.

The judicial system is effective only where severe punishment is implied. Just as religion was being thrashed badly by his sons in the kingdom of Dhritarashtra, but still he did not apply any penal process towards it, due to which this great war was created.

Should always defend justice

Guru Dronacharya did injustice to Karna and Eklavya by refusing to teach them, but behind this was their duty to be devoted. But both of them always demanded justice, due to which they became a greater archer than Arjuna. Similarly, we do not have the support of justice even in adverse circumstances in life.

Acquisition of maximum knowledge should be the aim of man.

It is the scheme of knowledge that helps a human to overcome every situation in life. There should be information about every person-thing etc., so that we will be able to understand every situation. It is said that the knowledge acquired never goes in vain. Very few people knew about Lord Shri Krishna, so the Kauravas started this great war, otherwise this war was a Leela of Lord Shri Krishna.

Try to travel, you will get success in life

Sometimes moving from one place to another also has many benefits, such as increase in prestige, opportunity to know the problems of the outside world, mentality of people, etc. With all this we can connect with the level of society and their Knowing the profit and loss can help in the welfare of life. Just as the Pandavas did for Khandavaprastha during their exile.

Moderation is an important part of life

Today man is able to do any work&nbsp; If he is ready, then he expects that his work gets completed in one go. But this life is not according to us as it is, but is described according to the grace of God. That’s why we should taste restraint and constantly in our actions&nbsp; Must keep trying.

Fear and worry in the mind are the causes of death.

The person who is attached to his life, person and thing, the feelings of worry, fear etc. will always keep swirling in his mind, due to which he will neither be able to work aimlessly in his work, nor will he be able to choose the right path in life. Because eventually he has to face death. If life is given then death is certain, so attachment will prevail in anything and it will take you near the end and make you stand.

Give importance to actions in life, should not be remembered to get results

Never after taking a decision to do any work, never think about its result again because the person who is subject to the result neither sticks to his words, nor does he get success in life. They are never able to make their own decisions in life.

One should give his all to fulfill the resolutions made in life.

Gangaputra Bhishma fulfilled his life by igniting the fire of unrighteousness. This gave the message that at any stage of life you should not give up your resolve. It adorns your speech, how conscious you are about your resolutions in life.

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Important lessons to learn from Mahabharata for better life
Important lessons to learn from Mahabharata for better life