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Diwali Laxmi Puja Method for Attracting Wealth

The specialty of the day of Diwali is related to the worship of Lakshmi ji. On this day, in every home, family, office, she is welcomed in the form of worship of Lakshmi ji. On the day of Diwali, where the householders and business class people pray for prosperity and finances from the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, while the sages-saints and tantriks perform their tantrik karmas during the night to earn some special siddhis.

Pradosh Kaal Muhurta

On 26 October 2011, the fixed Lagna (Taurus Rashi) in Pradosh Kaal will remain from 18:46 to 20:41 in the night. Therefore, the Pradosh period from 18:46 to 20:41 will be especially auspicious for worshiping Shri Ganesh, Shri Mahalakshmi, worshiping Kuber, worshiping business accounts, donating lamps, donating things to your servants. Deep donation, rangoli and worship should be fully prepared in the Pradosh Kaal temple. Sweets distribution work should also be completed at the same time. The construction of swastika and auspicious benefits at the door with vermilion should also be done at this time.

Diwali Puja Muhurat

Things Required for Worship

Idols of Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh (in sitting posture)

Saffron, Roli, Rice, Paan, Areca nut, Fruit, Flower, Milk, Khel, Batase, Vermilion, Honey, Coins, Clove.

Dried fruits, sweets, curd, Ganges water, incense, incense sticks, 11 lamps

Cotton and Kalava coconut and copper urn are needed.

Preparation for Diwali Lakshmi Puja

Keep the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh on the post in such a way that their face should be in the east or west. Laxmiji, stay on the right side of Ganeshji. The worshipers sit in front of the idols. Keep the Kalash on the rice near Lakshmiji. Wrap the coconut in a red cloth in such a way that the front of the coconut remains visible and keep it on the Kalash. This Kalash is the symbol of Varuna.

Make a sign of Shri towards Lakshmiji. Place a pile of rice and trident towards Ganesha. Make nine heaps of rice at the bottom. Place an urn filled with three plates and water in front of the small post. Keep the following items in three plates.

Eleven lamps (in the first plate)

Khel, Batase, Sweets, Clothes, Jewellery, Sandal paste, Sindoor, Kumkum, Betel nut, Paan (in the second plate)

Flowers, Durva rice, cloves, cardamom, saffron-camphor, turmeric-lime paste, aromatic substances, incense, incense sticks, a lamp. (in the third plate)

The worshiper himself sat in front of these plates. Family members should sit on your left. The rest all sat behind the family members.

Lakshmi Puja Method

Take akshat, flowers and water in your hand. Take some material also. Dravya means some money. Taking all this in hand, while reciting the Sankasankalpa Mantra, resolve that I am going to worship such a person at a certain place and time and such deities, so that I can get scriptural results. First of all worship Ganesh ji and Gauri.

Take some water in your hand and chant the invocation and worship mantra and offer worship material. Take Akshat and flowers in hand and recite Navagraha Stotra. Finally, end the worship with Mahalaxmi ji’s aarti.

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Diwali Laxmi Puja Method for Attracting Wealth
Diwali Laxmi Puja Method for Attracting Wealth