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When will I get Married and how will be Married Life – Prashna Astrology

Know how married life will be from Prashan Kundali (When I will get married and How Will be Married Life)

If the household is happy, then the deities reside in the house. If there is unrest, discord and differences in the household, then Lakshmi also gets angry. The concept of Indian philosophy also says that in the house where love resides, the three worlds sit there. This is the reason why every person wishes for a happy married life. Do you want to know how your married life will be!

Analysing happiness from marriage through Pashna Kundali

Prashna Kundali is a part of astrology itself. In order to analyze the question of how the married life will be, according to astrology, the Lagna and the seventh lord and the Lagna and the seventh house should be looked at (The lagna lord, and the seventh lord are important for marriage). The position of Venus in male’s horoscope and Jupiter’s position in female’s horoscope also reveals happiness, sorrow, love and other things in married life. The general rule regarding whether married life will be happy is that if the ascendant or ascendant, seventh house or seventh lord is auspicious and strong and Jupiter and Venus are not afflicted or debilitated by malefic planets, then the married life is generally happy. Will happen.

Prashna kundali combinations for happy married life

According to the rules of Prashna Kundali, how will the married life be, when this question is asked from the Prashna Kundali, then in the horoscope of the question, if both the ascendant and the seventh lord are looking at each other, then it should be considered as an indicator of love and affectionate relationship in married life. Similar results are also obtained when the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the seventh house are together in the first house or seventh house. If Lagnesh and Saptmesh are friends of each other in the horoscope of question and their vision is auspicious, then mutual harmony and love remains between husband and wife.

If the Ascendant is sitting in the Ascendant and the Moon has an auspicious sight on the Ascendant, then in married life the husband and wife are devoted to each other, they are full of trust and affection towards each other. If the seventh lord is in the seventh house and the moon is making a conjunction with the ascendant, then it can also be considered an indicator of a happy and loving married life. If the Moon is sitting in the seventh house in the horoscope and the seventh lord is looking at it, then the household remains happy. When Jupiter and Venus sit in the ascendant and seventh respectively and see each other (The aspect of Jupiter and Venus on each other), they give the message of a loving and happy married life. If there is an auspicious planet in the eighth house or an auspicious planet is seeing the eighth house, then one gets a suitable life partner.
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Anaysing the marriage through Prashna kundali

Deepak’s parents want to marry him, but somehow Deepak avoids the matter of marriage. Deepak is worried about the fact that he does not know how the married life will be. In this situation, he wanted to know the answer to his question from the question chart. Deepak asked Prashan Kundali on May 28, 2009 at 11:30 in the morning how would married life be. In Pransh Kundali, the ascendant Leo is ruled by Sun (The lord of the ascendant of Leo). The zodiac is Cancer whose lord is the Moon. The constellation is Pushya whose lord is Saturn. By analyzing the position of the planets in the horoscope, it is known that Saturn is sitting in the seventh house and Sun is sitting in the tenth house. The wife will agree to say that the Ascendant and the seventh lord are in the center. The auspicious planet Venus is sitting in the eighth house, due to which the wife will be favourable. The auspicious planet Jupiter is sitting in the seventh house, this is also a sign of a happy married life.

When will I get Married and how will be Married Life - Prashna Astrology
When will I get Married and how will be Married Life – Prashna Astrology