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The Key Role of Jupiter (Guru) in Your Career and Profession

Jupiter is considered to be the planet which possesses seven qualities. It is considered to be the natural lord of knowledge and luck. In astrology, it is also called the factor of wealth. Livelihood is related to wealth and income. In this sense, the relationship of Jupiter with the place of livelihood i.e. the tenth house is considered auspicious.

Area of ​​Livelihood Related to Jupiter

In the areas of livelihood related to the planet Jupiter, works related to education and educational institutions have been kept. The reason for this is that the Guru is the master of knowledge and scholarship. Apart from these, areas related to finance like banks, share work, money transactions also come under the influence of Jupiter. The biggest feature of Jupiter regarding livelihood is that if it is sitting in the tenth house, then it makes a high authority. If Jupiter is sitting in exalted sign, friend sign or self in your horoscope, then wherever you work, you can go up to a high position in your department. (The biggest achievement of Jupiter in the field of livelihood is that if it is auspicious in the tenth house the person occupies a high position). The profession of foreign affairs officer, ambassador, lawyer and judge also gives success according to the position of Jupiter.

Livelihood through Jupiter and Other Planets in relation to Jupiter and other planets

When there are other planets with Jupiter in the place of livelihood, it comes more openly that in which field you should make efforts for livelihood. If you choose your career keeping in mind with which planet Jupiter is sitting in your horoscope or with which planets are being related to them, then it is possible that you will move towards success quickly and easily. On this basis you can see that if in your horoscope-

Relation of Sun and Jupiter

If there is a relation between Jupiter and Sun, then you should try to get a high position in the government sector. If you take education in the subject of law, then you can become a judge or a government lawyer. You can sit in ambassador, district magistrate and all high posts related to the government. If you are interested in politics, you can contest elections for the post of mayor, chief and minister.

Relation of Jupiter and Moon

If the Jupiter in the tenth house is related to the place of livelihood, then you can get good success in professional fields. The business of sweets and the business of milk and milk products can be beneficial for you. Work related to agriculture can also be beneficial for you. If you prefer to do a job rather than a business, then you should try to get a government job. If you try diligently, then the chances of getting success in it will be strong. The relation of these two planets also gives success in music and music, so you can become a musician if you want. (Running a marriage bureau is also benefic for the native from the perspective of livelihood)

Relation of Jupiter and Mars

The relationship of Jupiter and Mars in the tenth house gives knowledge as well as energy and power, so that you can become an army officer. Police captains, railway officers and firefighters can work in the department. (The business of statues of metal or jewelry is also favorable for the native)Business of metal sculptures and jewelry can be beneficial for you.

Relation of Mercury and Jupiter

If there is a relationship of Mercury with Jupiter in the horoscope, then you can look for your livelihood in any field of art. Apart from writing, printing and press work can give success. If you want, you can earn fame and money by becoming a professional photographer. In terms of job, insurance, bank job and accountant’s job can be good for you.

Relation of Jupiter and Venus

Although Jupiter and Venus are enemy planets, but both are natural benefic planets. If a conjunction is being formed between the two planets in the tenth house, then you can earn a name in the world of art ie film, stage and television. You can also do jobs in these related fields. You can also try to become a radio jockey. From the point of view of business, business of silk clothes, business of flowers and business of perfumes (synthetic clothes, flowers or perfumes) will be beneficial.

Relation of Jupiter and Saturn

Due to the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn in the place of livelihood, the work related to agriculture is beneficial from the point of view of livelihood. Animal husbandry is also profitable. Grocery store and wheat business progress day by day. You can also be successful in the field of education.

Relation of Jupiter and Rahu

Work related to new technologies and work of auto mobile is beneficial when these two planets are related to the tenth house. Currency change and the work of astrologer are also beneficial from the point of view of livelihood.

Relation of Jupiter and Ketu

If Jupiter is sitting in the tenth house of the horoscope and Ketu is also there, then it is beneficial to do business of cosmetics as a livelihood. Business of medicines and work related to chemicals also gives progress. Livelihood is good as a leader of religious institutions. If there is a combination of these two planets in your horoscope, then you can also become a detective.

The Key Role of Jupiter (Guru) in Your Career and Profession
The Key Role of Jupiter (Guru) in Your Career and Profession