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The Must – Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room

The Must – Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room

For the growth and development of mankind,  credit goes to the countless inventions and discoveries made by humans, for which intensive studies and research work were done for thousands of years. This ability to study gives us immense benefits at the individual level as well. However, studying is one of the most difficult, cumbersome and indifferent tasks for children.

In the present times, the situation has become even more complicated. The level of competition has become so high that if the child is not interested in studies, then it becomes very difficult for him to keep pace with other children.

The Must -Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room
The Must -Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room

However, parents should always keep in mind that the career of the child should be made in the same direction in which he is interested in himself. Still, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the child does not lag too far behind in studies.

You will be well aware of this that for studying, understanding or remembering something, you need a calm and good environment, so that the ability to understand and remember what has been read increases manifold.

The study room made according to Vastu Shastra can not only enhance the ability of the child to understand and remember, but it also creates an environment in which studies for the child are no longer just a burden. So let’s know what kind of study room should be made according to Vastu Shastra.

While making a study room, keep the following things in mind –

1- The West South (WSW) direction of the house is best for the study room.

2- Making a study room in the west direction of the same house also gives better results.

3- Apart from this, study room can also be made in Northeast (North-East) or East direction.

4- While reading, it will be best if the face is in the east or north direction.

5- Keep books or other study items in the south direction.

6- West direction is also a favorable direction for keeping books or other items.

7- Use square or rectangular study table.

8- If you use a table lamp while reading, then keep it in the fire of the table.

9- Do not keep too dark color on the walls in the room.

10- The door of the study room can be kept in the east or north.

11- Door can also be made in the north or west direction.

12- Make adequate arrangements for natural light and air in the room.

13- Place the computer on the table in the forward direction.

The Must -Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room
The Must -Follow Vastu Tips for Study Room

What not to do

1. Do not keep study room in the south.

2. Do not keep the door of the room in the west direction.

3. South and southeast angle is also not suitable for the entrance of the study room.

4. There should not be any beam or heavy construction above the study table.

5. Do not make any almirah (book shelf) above the study table to keep books.

6. Keep some distance between the wall and the table.

7. Do not construct toilet attached to the study room.

8. Do not place the book shelf in the west angle at all.

By applying these Vastu principles, you can make a great study room for children. This type of study room will not only increase the capacity of the children, but they will also develop more interest in reading.