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Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home

Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home

The stairs used to go from one floor to another in the house have great importance in Vastu Shastra. Generally, people ignore it like kitchen, bathroom, store room while building the house and it is often constructed with a view to save space in the house.

It has been seen in Vastu that the construction of stairs in the wrong direction brings many inauspicious results such as frequent accidents, financial loss, loss of property, physical and mental problems. However, it’s not like the stairs only do harm.

If they are constructed in a Vastu way, then it also gives many benefits. So let us know what kind of Vastu should be for the stairs.

Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home
Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home

While constructing stairs, follow the following principles of Vastu –

1- Stairs can be made in the south direction (inwards).

2- South and east igneous is also an option for stairs (out side).

3- Stairs can be built on both the inside and outside in the northern windy.

4- Stairs should always be climbed towards South or West.

5- Stairs should descend towards North or East.

6- There should be a door at the beginning and end of the stairs.

7- Stairs should be rotated clockwise (from left to right). Therefore, it is best to walk the stairs from East to South, South to West, West to North or North to East.

8- The number of stairs is odd. On dividing the number of stairs by 3, the remainder is 2 (eg – 5, 11, 17) then such stairs are Vastu.

9- Keep the color of the stairs and its walls light.

10- The bottom part of the stairs can be used to keep small items.

Following precautions are required in the construction of stairs –

1- The construction of stairs in the northeast is completely prohibited in Vastu.

2- Making stairs in Brahmasthan is also strictly prohibited in Vastu Shastra.

3- Apart from this, stairs should not be constructed in the north and east direction also.

4- The stairs leading to the top and the stairs leading to the basement should not be together. Both should be constructed at different places.

5- Stairs neither start nor end from any type of room.

6- Do not construct a place of worship, toilet or any other room under the stairs.

7- Do not keep the cash locker (vault) under the stairs.

8- The number of stairs should not be divided by 10. That is, the number of stairs should not be kept 10, 20, 30 etc.

9- Do not keep the stairs in a broken condition. If this happens, get them fixed immediately.

10- Do not build spiral stairs.

11- Although you can make stairs in fire and air, but it can have some negative effect on the health of the children living in the house.

Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home
Vastu Tips for Staircase for Peace and Wealth at Home

Benefits of making stairs according to Vastu Shastra –

1- Peace of mind

2- Economic profit and prosperity

3- Good health

4- Positive atmosphere in the house and many other benefits

Contrary to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the harm caused by making stairs –

1- economic loss

2- Major accidents

3- Mental stress

4- Neurological disorders

5- Problems related to knees

6- Family feud

7- Problems related to spinal cord etc.

Considering its advantages and disadvantages, pay close attention to the architectural construction of staicase. When this happens, you will not only avoid the damage caused due to its position in the wrong direction, but you will also get many other benefits.