Vastu Rules

Vastu Tips for Wealth and Financial Prosperity. Vastu For Attracting Wealth|

Buildings and structures made according to Vastu Shastra prove to be amazingly effective in earning money. Today we will tell about the same authentic principles of Vastu Shastra, which people have achieved economic prosperity by applying them at the time of building construction.

You must have also seen in your lifetime that many times despite hard work and talent, people get to see financial problems, on the other hand there are some people who get continuous success and wealth even without much hard work and talent and such We start calling people lucky or lucky. But in reality this luck is less and the result of the building built according to Vastu is more the result of positive energies flowing in the house.

For example, if a big Vastu defect is present in your north-east direction, then you will not get even 10 percent of your hard work and will keep cursing luck. In such a situation, today you are being given some important Vastu tips to get financial prosperity, which is as follows –

Very Effective Vastu Tips for Wealth –

1- The main entrance of the house holds a very important place in Vastu Shastra. Since it is the main medium for the entry of cosmic energy in any building, its positive and negative effects are also visible on a large scale. In such a situation, it becomes very important that the main gate should be constructed only on the parts that give 9 positive results out of 32 prescribed in Vastu Shastra.

As you can see in the picture given below , to determine the proper location of the main gate in Vastu, the building is divided into 32 equal parts of 11.25° each. And in every direction there is at least one part where the construction of the main gate provides economic prosperity and splendor. The main gate should be made at the degree on which the part visible in green is located.

2- Ishaan (North-East) direction is very important in terms of money. Northeast direction should be kept empty and completely clean. If this direction is Vastu compatible, auspicious energies are attracted towards the building.

3- Keep the cash locker towards the south or south-west wall so that it opens towards the north.

4- Growing or cutting in any direction in the building creates Vastu defects in the building. This type of Vastu defect creates economic loss, obstruction in money flow, health problems, legal disputes etc. However, there is a direction in Vastu Shastra, whose growth surprisingly provides wealth and economic prosperity.

This direction is Ishaan (North-East). The rise of Ishaan especially enriches the first generation. In such a situation, if you get a plot whose north is increased, then it will definitely be a great option for you. However, even in a normal plot, measures can be taken to increase the Northeast direction. For this, you can take the help of a Vastu expert at the time of construction of the building.

5- Keep the slope of the building from South-West to North-East. South should be the highest and after that the height of the building should be in decreasing order towards igneous, windy and northeast respectively.

6- The south and west walls should be higher and heavier than the north and east walls.

7- Buy the plot keeping in mind that the height of the plot is more than the road located around it.

8- Since the presence of water in the North-East is considered very auspicious (underground or at ground level), so water fountain can be installed in this direction. Take care that the water in the fountain continues to flow. This flow of water reflects the flow of positive energy and money.

9- Keep the color of the rooms and walls located in the north blue and do not keep red colored objects in this direction. And do not use very dark and bright colors in other rooms and walls located in the house.

10- North Zone is the place of money and opportunities in Vastu, so its auspiciousness can be increased by placing blue colored plants in this zone.

What not to do

1- There is a need to be extra careful while buying a plot or plot because the size and type of plot matters a lot in Vastu. Never buy triangular, oval, cut, or irregularly shaped plots. Buildings built on such plots ultimately give negative results.

2- No heavy construction (such as stairs) or negative construction (such as toilet) should be done in the north-east direction (North-East). It creates Vastu defects in this auspicious direction.

3- The presence of a high building, mound or any other type of construction in the north direction creates Vastu defects in the north, resulting in economic loss and other problems related to money.

4- Northeast direction should not be cut in any case. For example, during the measurement, the northeastern direction of the terrain should not be less than other directions, nor should the wall located in this direction be in circularity. Or cutting it in any other way is very harmful.

5- Underground water tank, septic tank or any other type of construction which is below ground level in south-west direction (South-West) comes under Vastu Dosh.

6- Never keep the cash locker under any beam. Doing so has an adverse effect on the flow of money.

7- North-east direction should be kept open but tall and big trees should not be planted here. Doing so creates financial problems. However, a garden can be planted here, in which small trees and plants can further enhance the auspicious effects of this direction.

8- Neither do any construction in the Brahmasthan of the building nor keep any heavy object here. Brahmasthan is one of the most sensitive parts of the building, so keep it clean and weightless.

9- Do not keep dustbin, broom, garbage, mixer, washing machine etc. in the north direction.

10- The igneous direction (south-east) is very important for cash flow in the house, so try to keep it as clean and Vastu-friendly as possible.

11- North and North-East directions are related to water and things related to fire and constructions should not be in this direction opposite to water. For example, the construction of a kitchen in the North-East distorts the balance of energy in this direction.