Vastu Rules

The Must Follow Vastu Rules for Master Bedroom

Bedroom is the place where we spends at least 6 to 8 hours every day as per our sleeping habit. And during the time of sleep, our subconscious mind is in the most receptive state. In such a situation, the Vastu of the bedroom not only affects us physically but it also has a profound effect on our subconscious mind.

Vastu rules ensure such an environment in the house so that the person and his subconscious mind feel completely calm and safe while sleeping. In such a situation, it is very important to have the bedroom of the head of the house located in the right direction. So let us know what Vastu Shastra says for the bedroom of the head of the house i.e. the master bedroom.

The following types of bedrooms (MASTER BEDROOM) are compatible with Vastu –

1- The southeast direction in the house is best for the master bedroom.

2- Apart from this, a bedroom made in the west or south is another good option.

3- Square or rectangular bedroom.

4- The arrangement of the bed should be in such a way that while sleeping your head should be towards the south.

5- One can also sleep by keeping the head towards the east.

6- Sleeping with your head in the west is the third better option if the first two options are not possible.

7- The height of the bedroom should be 10 feet or more.

8- There should be adequate provision of natural light and air.

9- The area of ​​the ideal bedroom is considered to be 180 square feet.

10- Keep the bed in the north-east direction of the bedroom.

11- Keep the bed a little away from both the southern and western walls of the room.

12- Keep heavy items or furniture in the south or west direction in the bedroom.

13- Keep the television on the north facing wall.

14- The bedroom should be at the maximum distance from the main door.

15- There should be only one entrance for the bedroom.

16- The entrance door should be towards North East or East North.

17- There should be a slightly different sun light or window arrangement in the opposite direction of the entrance.

18- Always keep the Brahmasthan of the bedroom empty.

19- Keep the heater in the igneous angle (south-east) direction.

20- Place the air conditioner on the south or west wall.

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Master Bedroom Vastu Rules

The following types of bedrooms are contrary to the rules of Vastu –

1- Constructing the master bedroom in the Northeast (North-East direction).

2- Bedroom in igneous angle (south-east) direction.

3- Location of the master bedroom in the west direction.

4- To make any kind of beam, arch or heavy construction over the bed.

5- Having a door in front of the bed.

6- Having a mirror in front of the bed.

7- Sleeping with your head towards the north.

8- Use of darker colors on the walls of the room.

9- To put gruesome, scary pictures or pictures on the walls of the room.

10- Lack of natural air and light.

11- The door of the bedroom should be in the north direction.

The bedroom is the place in the house where your subconscious mind is most active throughout the day. The emotions and thoughts that enter your mind at this time have a very profound effect on your life. That is why since childhood, we have been taught that before sleeping we should sleep only after thinking about positive things. Therefore, at the time of construction of the bedroom, take any step after considering all the aspects related to Vastu.