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Dhanteras 2021 Date, Puja, Shopping Timings

Dhanteras 2021 Date, Puja, Shopping Timings

The festival of Dhanteras is considered very special in Sanatan Dharma. This festival is considered to mark the auspicious beginning of Diwali. According to the beliefs, on this day Dhanvantari Dev was incarnated.

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The festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated in 2021 on November 2.

It was on Dhanteras that during the churning of the ocean, the incarnation of the god Dhanvantari, this date is also known as Dhan Trayodashi and Dhanvantari. There is a law to buy utensils on the festival of Dhanteras, Dhanvantari Dev increases wealth and health.

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated every year on the Trayodashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This date is considered very special for the people of Hindu religion. According to mythology, Dhanvantari Dev had incarnated on the Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. It is said that when Dhanvantari Dev appeared, he had an urn in his hands, inside which nectar was present. That is why worshiping Lord Dhanvantari on this day is considered very auspicious. Along with Dhanteras, this date is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti and Dhan Trayodashi. According to Hindu traditions, it is beneficial to buy utensils, jewelry etc. on Dhanteras.

It is said that by worshiping Dhanvantari Dev and Mother Lakshmi on this date, there is never any shortage of money in the life of the people, along with this there is an increase in health along with the wealth of the natives. There is also a law to worship Kuber Dev, the god of wealth, on this day. Know here when the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated this year and what is its significance.

Dhanteras 2021 date and time in India, Dhanteras kab hai 2021, Dhanteras 2021 date and time

Dhanteras date:- 02 November 2021, Tuesday

Taurus Period:- 06:18 pm to 08:14 pm

Dhanteras 2021 Puja time Muhurat, Dhanteras 2021 Puja auspicious time :- From 06:18 to 08:11

1. Pradosh Kaal:-

The period of 2 hours 24 after sunset is known as Pradosh Kaal. It is auspicious to donate lamps and worship Lakshmi during Pradosh period.

Sunset time on November 2 in Delhi will remain till 17:26 in the evening. In this time period, the fixed lagna will be from 17:32 to 19:28. The auspicious time of worship will be from 17:24 to 17:59. Due to being in this Muhurta time, permanent Lakshmi is attained in the household.

2. Choghadiya Muhurta:-

2 November 2021,

Shubh Kaal Muhurta from 12:00 to 13:30,

Char Kaal Muhurta from 16:30 to 18:00,

Auspicious Kaal Muhurta from 21:00 to 22:30

Worshiping in the above mentioned time increases the benefits.  Shubh Kaal Muhurta timings bring auspiciousness in wealth, health and age. The most auspicious is to worship during the nectar period.

Auspicious Time During the Evening

The time of Pradosh Kaal will be from 17:24 to 20:05, stable lagna will be from 17:32 to 19:28. The suitable time for worshiping Dhanteras will be between 17:24 to 17:59.

What to Buy During Dhanteras

Bringing silver idols of Maa Lakshmi  and Lord Ganesh home on this day increases wealth, success and progress in home-office, business institutions.

On this day Lord Dhanvantari had appeared from the sea with an urn, so utensils are specially bought on this day. By buying utensils and silver on this day, there is a possibility of an increase of 13 times in them. Along with this, buying dried coriander seeds on this day and keeping them in the house also increases the wealth of the family. On the day of Deepawali, these seeds are planted in the garden/fields, these seeds are a symbol of progress and wealth of the person.

Dhanteras Puja

Dhanteras should be worshiped in an auspicious time. First of all, Kuber should be worshiped in the vault by lighting thirteen lamps. While meditating on Lord Kubera, offer flowers to Lord Kubera and meditate, and say, O one who is seated on the elevated plane, having the aura of Garudamani, having a mace and a boar in both hands, a body adorned with a lofty crown on his head. I meditate on Lord Kuber, the dear friend of Lord Shiva.

After this worship with incense, lamp, Naivaidh. And chant the following Mantra.

“Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye

Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha॥”

Meaning : ‘I bow down to Lord Kuber who is the custodian of all the wealth in the world and the Lord of success.’

Benefit : Chanting this mantra brings in a lot of prosperity within the family who always stay calm and amiable among themselves despite staying in the presence of of wealth. One must stay very down to earth and worship Him. This Mantra also gives one a lot of confidence and status in the society.

Laxmi Kuber Mantra

In English

“Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Shreem Kuberaya Ashta-Lakshmi

Mama Grihe Dhanam Puraya Puraya Namah॥”

In Sanskrit

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं श्रीं कुबेराय अष्ट-लक्ष्मी मम गृहे धनं पुरय पुरय नमः॥

Meaning : ‘Ode to the Superior Lord Kuber, the partner of Goddess Laxmi to bestow upon me all the wealth and happiness of the world.’

Benefit : The Mantra develops devotion inside one for Lord Kubera who starts listening to the devotee after one achieves good levels of devotion. Worshipped together with Goddess Laxmi, Lord Kuber is known to give the best of blessings to the one who is really devoted to him.

Story of Dhanteras

According to a legend, there was a king in a kingdom, after waiting for many years, he was blessed with a son. An astrologer said about the son of the king that, whatever day the child will get married, it will die only after four days.

Hearing this from the astrologer, the king was very sad, and to avoid such an incident, he sent the prince to a place where there was no woman living nearby, one day a princess passed by, the prince and the princess Both of them looked at each other, both were fascinated to see each other, and they got married.

According to the prediction of the astrologer, after exactly four days the eunuchs came to take the life of the prince. Seeing the eunuch, the prince’s wife started mourning. Seeing this, the Yamdoot begged Yamraj and asked him to suggest some way to save his life. On this, Yamraj said that the creature who worships me on the night of Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha, will light a lamp facing south with a garland, he will never be afraid of premature death. Since then, on this day, lamps are lit outside the house in the south direction.

The festival of Dhanteras is considered very special for the people of Hindu religion. On Dhanteras, there is a law to worship Dhanvantari Dev, Kuber Dev and Mother Lakshmi. According to Hindu beliefs, by worshiping Dhanvantari Dev, Kuber Dev and Maa Lakshmi on Dhanteras, the natives get the boon of happiness, prosperity, wealth and splendor. According to ancient traditions, on this day people bring jewellery, new utensils, silver coins, new clothes etc. to their homes. The arrival of these things brings positivity in the house.


Dhanteras 2021 Date, Puja, Shopping Timings
Dhanteras 2021 Date, Puja, Shopping Timings