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How auspicious events that take place in one’s is determined as per Jaimini Astrology

How auspicious events that take place in one’s is determined as per Jaimini Astrology

According to Maharishi Parashar, the birth chart is a very important tool for assessing the events happening in life. It is known from the horoscope that according to the combination and position of the planets at different times, what kind of results a particular person is going to get. Apart from this theory, Jaimini astrology believes that the transits and periods of planets are not necessary for the horoscope. In this astrology method, the variable zodiac is seen for important events in life. All the yogas and zodiac signs give results in their respective periods only in the variable dasha. Equally important are stable dashas which not only confer longevity but also signify many important events.

Nirayan shool dasha is also very useful because, it gives knowledge of the long life of parents, siblings, spouse and close relatives. Nirayan Phal Shukla Dasha basically provides information about the person’s own age and the middle period of their life. Thus, both the variable dasha and the stable dasha are important to know the happenings in life.

Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness with Rashi and Planets

Maharishi Parashara mentions many methods to know the results of dashas and yogas. Whereas the principle of Jaimini says that the fruit of the zodiac is obtained when its dasha moves from the Karakamsha or Arudha ascendant. The point to be noted here is that where Parashara talks about the planets. At the same time, Jaimini does fruit with the zodiac signs. The difference in the principles of both is also visible here that, where Parashar states that the presence of planets in exalted zodiac or planets in their own sign gives auspicious results during their dasha period. On the other hand, while making predictions from the zodiac signs, Jaimini says that during the period of the zodiac in which the Karakamsha and the Atmakaraka are located, auspicious results are obtained.

According to this principle, according to the position of the planets, the zodiac gives auspicious and inauspicious results. In case of an inauspicious planet in the second house, the person has to face loss of money. If there is a conjunction of Sun or Moon with Saturn in the fifth house or the conjunction of Moon and Rahu is in the sixth or eighth house, then the person is likely to get punishment from the government. In this situation, you may even have to go to jail. On the other hand, when the position of the Sun is auspicious in the sixth house, the person gets cooperation from higher officials and benefits of money.

If the position of inauspicious planets is on both sides of any zodiac or in the eighth, then the person has to face obstacles, difficulties and loss in luck during the dasha of the zodiac signs in these houses. On the other hand, the presence of Jupiter in the center place i.e. ascendant, fourth, seventh and tenth gives auspicious results to the person. When Moon and Venus are in the third house, the financial condition becomes strong.

The twelfth house is called the place of expenditure, due to the position of Moon and Venus in this house, there is financial loss. Whereas, being in the twelfth house of Rahu, there is a possibility of health-related problems. Along with this, the sum of foreign travel is also formed. The presence of an inauspicious planet in the ninth house is not considered auspicious for the health of the father. Due to the presence of an inauspicious planet in the fourth house, one has to get entangled in controversial issues and the mother has to face health-related problems.

Auspicious and inauspicious Rashi in Jaimini Astrology

Auspicious results are obtained in the dasha of Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. The important thing in these is that in the conditions of Pisces from Libra, their auspiciousness decreases gradually. On the other hand, inauspicious results are obtained in the dasha of Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio and Capricorn. Of these, the least Leo is inauspicious and respectively, the most Capricorn is inauspicious.

How auspicious events that take place in one's is determined as per Jaimini Astrology
How auspicious events that take place in one’s is determined as per Jaimini Astrology