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Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor

Astrological Combinations and Yoga to Become a Doctor

Astrology Yoga for Doctor Career:

To become a doctor, like any other technical profession, life can be divided into two phases. In the first step, it is seen whether the person has the possibility of taking education to become a doctor. Is he inclined towards this area or not? In the second stage, the possibilities of success in the medical profession are explored in the individual. And what kind of diseases the person will cure, it is also seen.

Important Houses fifth and tenth houses for Career in Medicine:
The fifth house of the horoscope is called the house of education. It is possible to convert any technical education into a form of livelihood only when the fifth house and the fifth house have a direct relation with the tenth house or the tenth house Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor. Therefore, their connection is the first requirement. Through this relation, it is known that the area in which a person will get education, he will also get livelihood in that area.

(The better there is a relationship between fifth and tenth house the more chances there are of a career as a doctor). It is also considered good to have a change of zodiac sign, vision relation or conjunction in both. If this yoga is formed in the sixth/twelfth house of the hospital, the possibilities of becoming a doctor become even stronger.

Relation between sixth and 12th Houses:

The sixth house is of disease and the twelfth house is called the house of the hospital. From the twelfth house, the inability to stay in the house or get out, etc. is also known. Therefore, the stronger the relationship between the sixth house and the twelfth house becomes, the greater will be the chances of becoming a doctor Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor.

The life of a doctor is spent less at home and more in the hospital. Therefore, staying in the sixth and twelfth house will be more interesting to him, the easier it will be to concentrate on business. Such diseases are seen from the sixth house. Whose recovery period is one year. And long duration diseases are seen from the eighth house. The relation of tenth / tenth house, from which of the two houses, the person will become a doctor of that type of diseases. Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor

Other Houses for Doctor’s Career:

If the second and eleventh house are also seen in the series of houses. The second house is the house of wealth. And profit or income is seen from the eleventh house. Chances of getting fame are seen from the ninth house (Ninth house denotes fame for the doctor). By analyzing all these expressions, it is beneficial that the level of income a person will get in the medical profession is estimated. Income is the biggest source of inspiration in any business.

If a person gets name and respect along with his income, then what to say? Due to this, there is stability in the business of the person. The relation of tenth / tenth house, when the house of the society comes more than the fourth, the person uses his profession for service work.

Essential Planet- Jupiter (Jupiter is important for Doctor’s Career):

Jupiter holds a special place in the horoscope of those who are likely to become a doctor. It is only by the grace of the Guru that a person acquires the ability to cure another person and make him healthy. Jupiter is the most auspicious planet among all the planets. It is very auspicious to get his blessings. That is, due to the influence of Guru, the doctor comes to cure the patient.

For any person to become a successful doctor, the influence of Jupiter should be on the ascendant/fifth/tenth house and the respective houses in the birth chart, in Navasham Kundali and in Dasamasha Kundali. Health is seen from the ascendant house of the horoscope. The Navamsa Kundali is the supplementary Kundali of the birth chart. And Dashmasham Kundali is seen for the subtle study of business.

Essential Planet- Moon (Moon is important for Doctor’s Career):

Moon also has a special place in the horoscope of doctors. The moon in their horoscope is different from the moon in the horoscope of other professions. Because the moon is said to be the factor of herbs. And there is a sinful effect on the Moon in the horoscope of doctors (Moon is often under malefic influence in a doctor’s birth-chart).

Due to the effect of sin on the moon, the doctor gets the ability to bear the pain of seeing the patient suffering from pain. In the horoscope of the doctor, the effect of sin on the moon or the relation of the moon with the three houses is a common yoga. The same yoga is also seen with the Sun. That is, in the horoscope of doctors, along with the moon, the sun also suffers.

Other Yogas for a Career in Medicine:

With the above yogas, if Mars is in the ascendant or exalted sign in the horoscope, then the person has the ability to become a doctor related to surgery (Exalted Mars helps in becoming a surgeon). Courage comes from Mars. And seeing the blood, there is no panic in the person. Both are related to the doctor.

If the conjunction of Labesh and Rogesh is in the house and Mars, Moon and Sun are also auspicious and in a good position, then the person joins the medical field. If the relation of all these comes from the tenth / tenth house, then it is a pleasant thing to sleep on.

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Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor
Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor