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Astrology & Gemstones – How Gemstones are Good for Your Health

Astrology & Gemstones – How Gemstones are Good for Your Health

Gemstones are very beneficial for health. It is not necessary that you should depend on medicines for the treatment of the disease. It is better to prevent diseases than to cure them. Gemstones are very useful and effective in this work.

Ruby and Health:
Ruby is the gem of the Sun. The color of ruby ​​or ruby ​​is red. Wearing ruby ​​is good for those who are suffering from heart disease or are suffering from low blood pressure. This stone can also be worn for diseases of the eyes and for the light of the eyes.

Pearl and health:
Pearl is a moon gem. The color of pearl is white. Those whose mind remains restless and there is mental agitation, they should wear pearl. Stress gives rise to many diseases and is itself a disease. Wearing pearls is beneficial to avoid this disease. Wearing pearls is beneficial for depression, respiratory diseases, cold and flu.

Coral and Health:
Coral is the gem of Mars. The color of the coral is red. This gem makes a person strong and energetic. Wearing coral is very beneficial for kidney disease. Wearing coral is also beneficial for paralysis and epilepsy. According to Ratna Chaksa, the gem of Mars should be worn for jaundice. This results in quick recovery of the disease. Those who wear coral are less likely to get jaundice. Wearing coral to children prevents Balarishtha disease.

Emerald and Health:
Emerald is the gem of Mercury. It is of green colour. Wearing Emerald gemstone protects against skin diseases. The skin gets glowing and the chances of diseases like asthma, cough are less. Emerald is also beneficial for nausea, insomnia and tonsils. Liver and kidney remain healthy due to the effect of this stone. If a person suffering from liver and kidney disease wears it, then the disease improves rapidly.

Yellow Sapphire and Health:
Topaz is the gem of Guru. The color of topaz is yellow. People who are obese can wear topaz to control obesity and those who are very thin can wear topaz to improve health. Blood pressure is controlled by wearing it. If you want for ulcer and typhoid disease, you can wear topaz.

Diamond and Health:
Diamond is the gem of the planet Venus. The beauty of a person wearing a diamond increases. Wearing diamond is very beneficial in diseases like lack of blood in the body, cataract and impotence. Wearing diamond prevents anemia, hysteria and tuberculosis.

Blue Sapphire and Health:
Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn. Sapphire is blue in colour. Sapphire is very beneficial for making bones strong and in bone diseases. Sapphire is also beneficial in epilepsy, fever, rheumatism, and piles. Those who are suffering from rheumatism can also wear Sapphire.

Hessonite and Health:
Onyx is the gem of Rahu. Onyx is brown in color like honey. This stone is very beneficial in stomach and digestive diseases. Onyx also enhances intellectual ability. People suffering from filariasis and piles disease can also wear onyx. Wearing Rahu gemstone onyx is also beneficial for cold, phlegm and bile diseases.

Cat’s Eye and Health:
Lahusaniya is the gem of Ketu. Those who are suffering from cold, cough should wear garlic. Wearing Ketu gemstone is also beneficial for those who are deprived of child happiness due to health related reasons. Wearing garlic reduces the chances of anemia. Ketu is also considered an effective stone for oral diseases, smallpox and piles.

How Gemstones are Good for Your Health
How Gemstones are Good for Your Health