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Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies

Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn

The name of Rahu is taken along with Ketu, but the difference between these two planets is as much similarity between Rahu and Saturn. Both these planets Saturn and Rahu are considered as sin planets. In astrology, Saturn and Rahu are also considered to have one idea and qualities. Generally, both these planets are considered to be the cause of sorrow and suffering. But, if both these planets are strong in the horoscope, then they give results similar to Raja Yoga (Strong Rahu or Saturn give results of a Raja yoga). There are some similarities in Rahu-Ketu and there are some differences, yet many scholars of astrology have a general belief that Saturn and Rahu are similar planets. Both the planets give similar results.

Importance of Shani in astrology:

The planet Shani is called Shanaishchar, which means that it is slowly moving, so only Shani Dev stays in a zodiac for the most time. Shani Dev is said to give fruits according to the deeds. For this reason, their impact on life is very deep. Two and a half years of Shani and seven and a half years of Shani are capable of turning a person’s life upside down. Whenever there is Saturn dasha in the birth chart, the effect of Saturn in transit, it definitely has an effect on the person.

Saturn mainly represent the air element in the body. It also affects the nervous system. When Shani is malefic in a horoscope or is the lord of bad houses, then the effect of Shani on the body can be seen in a very effective way. Due to the influence of Saturn, pain in the body and excess of Vata effect and mental stress remains.

Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius. Both these zodiac signs come in their sphere of influence. Apart from this, Saturn becomes strong when it is in Libra. Saturn is considered exalted in Libra. The debilitated position of Saturn in Aries is said to be weak in this. Aquarius is the original triangle sign of Saturn, due to which Saturn is strengthened. Being situated in Libra gives a lot of strength to Saturn. Apart from this, Saturn also gets strength when it is situated in Capricorn and Aquarius. The influence of Saturn can make the native a lawyer, a politician, and an interest in occult sciences.

Astrological form of Saturn:

The planet Shani is considered impotent, of Krishna color, lord of west direction, air element dominant. In astrology, the idea of ​​age, the idea of ​​physical strength, the idea of ​​troubles in life, job, foreign language, unconsciousness, devotion to God and salvation etc. are considered by Shani. Saturn has been called a sin planet in astrology, Saturn keeps the person under the influence of misfortune and troubles arising in life, but in the end, moving ahead from these struggles, also makes the person aware of the truth of pure and sattvik life. Saturn also brings a sense of detachment in the native. Through this, this knowledge also comes to know that the attainment of salvation by going beyond the enjoyment etc. in life shows the meaning of life.

Form of Rahu in Astrology:

In astrology, Rahu is called a malefic planet. There is a lot of information available about Rahu. Rahu is smoky, cruel in nature and confusing to the intellectual. The work related to diplomacy is affected by Rahu. Under the influence of Rahu, a person works out of tradition. Rahu has been the lord of Krishna Varna and the south direction. In whichever house Rahu is situated in the horoscope, it definitely gives obstacles related to that place. This condition definitely shows some obstruction in the progress of that place. Work is done by it hidden, due to the influence of Rahu, the person does not see the proper situation.

With the help of Rahu, a person also has a desire to do research about something. Rahu also gives attachment towards many things at once. It advises you to work away from things that have been going on for a long time. Through this, there will be curiosity about things in your life, but at the same time confusion is also going to remain. Some harshness in speech, tendency to lie is also seen in the causative things of Rahu, because it does not want to make sense of the truth. It also does the same thing to remove it from its place of birth.

Through Rahu, the person also gets opportunities to live abroad and travel etc. Many unfulfilled desires, diseases related to skin, effect of poison, snakes, epidemics, immoral relationships, grandfather and grandmother etc. are seen by Rahu. Through Rahu, the person is much ahead in making useless arguments. Pretence, provocative language, ostentatiousness, darkness, smoke, people of the lower strata, playing bets, doing manipulative acts, alcohol etc. influences life through intoxicants.

Similarities between Saturn and Rahu

Both Saturn and Rahu are considered to be karmic planets (Saturn and Rahu give results according to the Karma). Karmik means one who gives fruit according to karma. Among the Navagrahas, Shani Dev has the rank of Dandanayak, who punishes the person according to the deeds of his previous birth and also rewards. Like Saturn, the fruit of Rahu is also found according to the previous birth. Rahu brings with it the qualities and characteristics of a person’s previous birth. Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies

Both Saturn and Rahu are the giver of sorrow, pain, disease and financial problems. But, if both of these are in auspicious position in the birth chart, then even the biggest Raja Yoga cannot give the same results. It can make a person full of wealth by providing sharp intelligence, cleverness, technical ability. He gets high position, respect and position prestige.

Differences between the nature of Saturn and Rahu:

Shani Rahu has some similarities, so there are differences in them too. Saturn has a physical existence i.e. it exists in the form of a body, whereas Rahu is a virtual point, it has no physical existence. It is also called shadow planet. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are owned by Saturn, whereas Rahu has no sign of its own. Rahu takes possession of the zodiac in which it sits.

Due to the slow motion of Shani Dev, the fruits of Saturn are obtained late or slowly, whereas Rahu is the planet giving quick results (Rahu gives quick results while Saturn gives delayed results). It makes you rich in a moment and has the ability to make you poor in another moment. The quality of Shani Dev is that it inspires a person to move forward with honesty and hard work, while Rahu generates the idea of ​​getting success through clever and easy methods. Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies

Other similarities between Rahu and Saturn:

There is also a very interesting difference and similarity between Saturn and Rahu. Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio, Saturn is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. In this way, both are exalted in one sign of Venus and debilitated in one sign of Mars. The effect of these two is similar to each other. But there is also a big difference in this that where Shani gives us the results according to our actions, by assimilating the fruits of Rahu in the house in which Rahu is and the planet in which it is in or with the planet. Takes it and gives fruit accordingly Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies.

One utterance also plays a very important role in eliminating the distinction between these two – “Shanivat Rahu, Kujvat Ketu” means that Rahu has a fruit like Saturn and Ketu has a fruit like Mars. In such a situation, in the context of Saturn and Rahu, many similarities and lack of dissimilarity are evident on various aspects.

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Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies
Astrological Relationship between Rahu and Saturn, Conjunction Remedies