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How to Avoid Harmful Effects of Rahu Ketu Mahadasha – Simple Divine Remedies

Mahadasha of Rahu-Ketu is more harmful than Saturn, know the symptoms and ways to avoid it.

The shadow planet Rahu-Ketu has no existence of its own, but astrology considers it more harmful than the deadly conditions of Saturn. This is because Saturn is just and gives results only according to the deeds of the person, while Rahu-Ketu is considered a sinful planet whose mere shadow corrupts a person’s intelligence. Therefore, it is very important that survival measures are taken before its effects begin. Not doing so can lead to life in pathetic conditions.

Due to its non-existence nature, Rahu-Ketu give results based only on the positions of other planets in the horoscope. But, their Mahadashas are extremely painful and troublesome for many of us. The biggest thing is that these are considered to be the planets of intelligence, so whatever is bad with the person due to its effects, he himself is responsible for it.

Saturn’s punishment part

In astrology, both these planets are considered to be the followers of Saturn, hence the combination of Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope and sinful influence is also a part of the justice of Shani Dev as a punishment for a person’s evil deeds. In addition to physically suffering, it causes mental trauma to the person and also damages social dignity.

Rahu-Ketu conditions in horoscope

By looking at the horoscope one can know about the conditions and Mahadasha of Rahu-Ketu in a person’s life, but in the daily life also you get many symptoms of suffering from it. By identifying them and taking measures to avoid them, you can avoid its sufferings. We are discussing this further.

How to Avoid Harmful Effects of Rahu Ketu Mahadasha - Simple Divine Remedies

Rahu Ketu’s position in the body

Rahu is considered as the ‘head’ and Ketu as the symbol of ‘torso’ in the body. In the horoscope, Rahu affects the throat and the upper part of the head. People affected by this have problems like vata, phlegm.

At the same time, the bad placement of in a horoscope Ketu affects the person from the neck down to the other parts of the body other than the head. Such persons suffer from lung, stomach and leg problems. However, the auspicious conditions of Rahu-Ketu also create a situation of sudden benefit to the person beyond thinking.

Rahu’s auspicious and inauspicious effects

When it is inauspicious in horoscope, it increases the tendency to laziness. Wisdom is confusing, that is, a person is not able to take the right decision for anything. Inauspicious Rahu directly affects the nervous system, so they are quick victims of brain related diseases like paralysis.

Auspicious Rahu

The auspicious Rahu in the horoscope contributes immensely to the person to gain power. Such individuals are considered very influential in the society. They are highly influential speakers of wisdom, speech-rich, and have the ability to befriend friends with their intelligence.

Effects of auspicious and inauspicious Ketu

In astrology, it is known as Cruel Planet. It is a factor of emotions like reason, intelligence, knowledge, foresight, jealousy, jealousy, greed, sense of revenge, deceit and deceit in a person. While its auspiciousness makes the person inclined towards spirituality, the inauspicious Rahu motivates the person to commit criminal acts.

Effects of auspicious and inauspicious Ketu

Its effect is very much like that of Mars. Therefore when Rahu is inauspicious in the horoscope, it makes the person violent. Such people fall into a wrong association, which at times may prove fatal for them.

It also causes mental disorder and the affected people indulge in many types of wrongdoing. Because it has been considered a cruel planet, such individuals are easily motivated towards cruel acts like murder, kidnapping, persecution of others and often get deeply attached to such criminal acts.

Ketu means ‘flag’ meaning height, so its auspicious position in the horoscope reaches the heights, giving success to the people in their career and other areas, while its inauspiciousness leads to more downfall.


There is no doubt that Rahu-Ketu is extremely painful and intimidating in every form, but if you understand the symptoms and take remedies as soon as the condition starts, you will not have to suffer such terrible consequences. It would be better if remedies are taken before the conditions start, it makes the person almost unaffected by it, besides being a little bit affected by it.

What to do to avoid the ill effects of Rahu

To avoid the inauspicious conditions of Rahu or to reduce its ill effects, fasting on Saturday gives benefits in every way. In any case, one should avoid insulting his parents, gurus and should serve him. Service to leprosy patients is also beneficial in reducing its bad effects.

Apart from this, feeding or donating rice to the poor and Brahmins, giving sweet bread to Kauvea is also beneficial. If possible, marry a poor girl. If the inauspicious conditions of Rahu are very disturbing, then put whole barley under the pillow at night and sleep and donate it to a needy in the morning. If you take this remedy on Saturday, it is even better.

Tuesday’s fast is beneficial in addition to Saturday. Apart from this, the donation of items made of iron-weapons, blankets, brown objects reduces the effects of its ominous conditions. If the child is suffering due to Ketu conditions in the parents’ horoscope, then the person should go to the temple and donate blankets to the poor people sitting near the temple.

Apart from this, donating indigenous cow’s heifer and Ketu gems also removes its inauspicious effects. Taking care of parents and reverence towards gurus and saints are also highly beneficial to bring complete peace and happiness in life.

Chanting mantras

Rahu-Ketu is the shadow planet and mother Durga is called ‘Chhayaarupen’. Therefore, worship and worship of Goddess Durga gives special benefit in it. Apart from this, chanting Durga Mantra “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche” 108 times liberates you from the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. Chanting this mantra daily also protects us from the conditions and Mahadasha of these sinful planets.

Rahu Mantra

At night, chant the Rahu Beej Mantra “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah” 108 times. Apart from this, worshiping Lord Shiva or Bhairav ​​at night also reduces its ill effects. And chant or listen to very powerful Ketu Bheej Mantra “Om Sram Sreem Sraum Sah Ketave Namah” 108 times everyday.

If the conditions of Rahu are suffering a lot, then chant this Bija Mantra 18000 times or get it done by a Pandit. Apart from this, installing Rahu Yantra in the house also reduces its suffering.

Worship of Lord Shiva

Regular worship of Lord Shiva avoids both Rahu and Ketu. Those who perform Jalabhishekas on Shivling on Mondays throughout the year and in the month of Shravan never face the sinful effects of Rahu-Ketu or its effects are negligible in their lives.


Wearing and donating light blue for Rahu and light pink for Ketu is especially beneficial. Apart from this, wrap a piece of white Malayagiri sandalwood in a silky blue cloth and wear it around the neck or arm as on Wednesday.


How to Avoid Harmful Effects of Rahu Ketu Mahadasha - Simple Divine Remedies